Invent Afrika

Invent Afrika

We explore and provide opportunities for innovative solutions to Africa's complex problems


We collaborate with technology-based partners across borders to reinvent Africa

Idea Mentor & Incubation

We engage young and vibrant minds across disciplines to transform africa's communities

We live in an era with exponential advancement in sciences, technology and engineering where complex problems require comprehensive and innovative solutions. The sole purpose of this hub is to engage researchers and student inventors annually with Faculty/Students from Agriculture/Biomedical Engineering Department of Purdue University to offer technology based answers to indigenous challenges which primarily relate to sustainable food, health and off-grid energy in Africa by exploring Agricultural and other scientific means. You can join us as a:

Student   Mentor   Partner

InventAfrika is a hub where challenges and innovation converge to create solutions for a better world. We basically promote collaborative work across disciplines, race and beyond traditional boundaries to provide answers to daunting, broad and complex societal challenges in Africa.

In order to Re-Invent Africa, there is the need to engage young and vibrant minds across disciplines and traditional boundaries. Aside engaging 30 engineering students annually, thousands of students will be able to use our resources to promote their personal work across the continent.

If you have an idea that can transform your community, come register and engage with us so we can incubate and transform that idea to reality. Five most innovative marketable ideas will receive further incubation by Purdue Foundry and other partners abroad with two matched with possible investors.

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InventAfrika is open for consultation. You can contact us using the details below, or you send your message for prompt response. We work round the clock to ensure we achieve our objectives.